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About Us

From its beginning 39 years ago through present day, the mission of Detachment 772 has been to produce the finest quality officers in any AFROTC program. To fulfill this mission, our leaders instill core values and principles through the education and discipline of unit recruits, and adhere to and build upon the core values established by Charleston Southern University. Now Detachment 772, though the smallest AFROTC program in the nation, has been acknowledged as the Best Small Detachment in the Southeast Region four of the past 10 years.

In 1971, Detachment 772 was established as a four-year program, training quality leaders for the Air Force through their ROTC program. In 1978, the program was switched to a two year training, commissioning nearly 12 officers per year.

We instill the value of respect into every cadet, for their leaders and for themselves. In the same way, each cadet is treated with the respect that we expect from them. As a cadet in Detachment 772, you will be shown personal attention and guidance, making sure you are taught as a student, not just a number.

As expected, our Cadets learn basic military skills such as: marching, commands, performing drills in cadence and how to properly wear the uniform. More importantly, they learn the basic leadership skills of teamwork, service, hard work and respect for superiors. Cadets also learn group dynamics, oral and written communication skills; Cadets learn these tasks not just through classroom time, but by performing them as well.

Perhaps the best thing to note about Detachment 772 is the diversity of Cadets we have leading; from retired military to civilian college students, each cadet is unique in his/her service.

We are passionate not only to develop strong military leaders but also to form competent students in a rigid learning environment.

What makes us a unique unit:

Detachment 772 is considered the smallest Detachment in the nation. We have only three full-time cadre members to process all of the cadets through the training program. Despite our small size we produce more officers than some of the biggest name schools in the nation. You can expect that as a cadet here you'll always be treated with the utmost respect, which generally comes in the form of personal attention. Cadets at this Detachment are never considered a number. Detachment 772 has crosstown agreements with the College of Charleston, the Medical University of South Carolina and The Citadel's evening and graduate programs.