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Daily Life


General Military Course (GMC)

Starting in the fall of 2016, Detachment 772 will be accepting students into the GMC. Typically composed of freshman and sophomore students, the GMC consists of one credit hour classes each term. 

Freshman year focuses on providing cadets with a solid understanding of the Air Force's organization, officership and professionalism, military customs and courtesies, and officer career opportunities.

Sophomore year Air Force classes provide cadets with the necessary background in air and space history. This historical understanding is provided within the framework of continued emphasis on the Air Force core values and officership.

Professional Officer Course (POC)

Detachment 772 is still accepting cadets as part of the two-year program until the fall of 2016.  This is open to academic juniors and seniors who have two years remaining in their degree. Students who enter the program as a GMC will enter the POC after successfully competing for and completing summer Field Training. The POC consists a of three credit hour course each term, focusing on leadership principles, national security topics, and preparation for active duty.

Junior year focuses on leadership and management traits essential to serving the nation as Air Force officers. Students entering as part of the two-year program focus on Field Training Prep. Third-year cadets returning from field training are assigned leadership positions within the Cadet Wing, and the corresponding Air Force academic classes serve to better prepare cadets for the challenges awaiting them.

Senior year Air Force classes focus on preparing cadets to enter active duty as newly commissioned officers. Topics include regional studies to better prepare cadets for the diverse locations they may deploy to in the course of their careers. Additional subject matter covered in senior year includes Air Force doctrine and military justice.

Leadership Lab (LLAB)

LLAB is a three hour weekly training session designed to acclimate cadets to the military environment and to develop their leadership skills. It is required for all cadets each term.


Cadets receive their Dress Blues to wear to classes on Tuesday and Thursday, but wear business casual attire until their uniform arrives. Once a Cadet contracts with the Air Force, they will be issued their ABUs that they can also wear to class.

Physical Training

Physical Training is essential to becoming a good leader and a great Airman in the Air Force. The Air Force and Det722 have high standards of its Cadets and future officers with physical training being one of those.

At a minimum, Cadets must attend two physical training sessions a week. Times vary by semester and take Cadet’s class schedules into consideration. Physical training sessions are important in preparing Cadets for Field Training while providing a sense of unity within the detachment.  From day one to the day you commission, you will work side by side with your fellow Cadets through rigorous workouts or team sports, all of which provides Cadets with knowledge and confidence about their physical abilities.

The Physical Fitness Assessment is taken every fall and spring term while a cadet is enrolled in Air Force ROTC. All cadets must attempt the test each fall and spring term.

The PFA is composed of three events in the following order:

  • Sit-ups
  • Push-ups
  • 1 1/2-mile run

All events must be completed. There is a short rest period between each event. There is a minimum score of 75 points (out of 100) and all minimums must be met.