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Why Hospitality & Tourism Management?

Open a world of possibilities as you explore planning and development, along with advanced marketing, economics and organizational behavior unique to this field.

Hospitality & Tourism Management Curriculum

HOMT 320  Introduction to the Hospitality Industry
This course provides a broad introduction to the hospitality industry by exploring the national and global relationships of lodging, food, beverage, resort, and cruise operations. Organizational structures, general hospitality strategies, and tourism history are presented with particular focus on career opportunities in this exciting field. Current trends in cultural, sustainable, and ecotourism are also presented through discussion boards, engaging assignments, and applicable case studies.

HOMT 321  Organizational Behavior for the Hospitality Industry
This course presents the techniques and methodologies to plan, organize, and lead human resources in the hospitality and tourism industry. The student will be exposed to the practices of recruiting, organizing, and directing employee relations. Organizational behavioral essentials for the individual and the organization along with key management tasks will provide opportunities for practical, applied learning. Details on organizational development strategies in an increasingly diverse workplace are reinforced through discussion boards, written assignments, and reading quizzes.

HOMT 322  Advanced Marketing for the Hospitality Industry
An applied approach to marketing the tourism product is presented that compares and contrasts the unique approach of tourism marketing to classical marketing principles.  This course covers consumer satisfaction, sequential development steps in marketing, the key role of marketing research, and the growth of information technology.  In addition, key advancements in social media and online marketing are discussed.  The course introduces the use of portfolios in marketing development by asking the student to create a comprehensive marketing plan for a company of their choosing. 

HOMT 323  Fundamentals of Planning and Developing Tourism
The components of developing and presenting the strategic plan for the tourism and hospitality industry including the vision, mission, objectives, and tactical and operational goals are examined in this course. Planning issues in the public and private sectors with corresponding planning processes for tourism development are introduced through case studies and applied learning techniques. The course uses a portfolio model in which the student will create a comprehensive strategic plan for a company of their choosing. 

HOMT 324  Economics of Tourism
This course analyzes and communicates consumer and tourism market behavior as measured through fundamental and applied business economic principles.  Business models and strategies provide a detailed picture of the impact different economic conditions have on the overall industry. A clear explanation of industry revenue management and public/private sector economic development is also included. In addition to relevant discussion topics, the student will complete an economic analysis portfolio for a tourism destination of their choosing.

HOMT 325 Case Studies in Hospitality and Tourism
Students have an opportunity to apply skills, knowledge, and understanding gained from previous courses into operational strategies and tactics through a series of case studies across multiple sectors in the hospitality and tourism industry. By presenting a collection of current stories from the real-world experiences of industry practitioners, students discover first-hand application strategies that can be immediately put into practice. Students also discover the issues and opportunities existing hospitality and tourism managers face in today's vibrant industry.


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