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Why Human Resources Management?

Navigate the diverse issues faced by human resource managers by studying employee training and development, labor relations, law, compensation, and more.

Human Resources Management Curriculum

HRMT 321 Labor Relations
This course includes a study of the development of organized labor groups in society. A discussion of contracts, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), labor unions and employee associations will be covered. A review and assessment of labor negotiations, strikes, walk outs, boycotts, lockouts and how these terms related to management and employees will be presented in a practical application format to include case studies and practicum exercises. This course provides examples from the standpoint of management and human resources.

HRMT 322 Organizational Culture
This course includes an examination of the nature, definitions, and practices associated with organizational culture. The course will review the impact of cultural differences on organizations and how to manage this diversity from a human resources perspective. Students will be required to research their own organizational culture, define the trigger points within the organization that impact outcomes as they relate to cultural bias, diversity, race, gender, occupations, and desired organizational influence over a positive workplace environment.

HRMT 323 Employee training and Development
This course will require that students define and assess how to conduct a needs assessment within an organization in determining training and development needs. They must also demonstrate the ability to identify stakeholders, determine organizational needs, and provide a plan of action. The course will require the development and implementation strategies for a training program within their own businesses. Students will concentrate on meeting the needs of the expected audience and considering, development, costs, implementation, budgets, and collateral needed to implement the training program.

HRMT 324 Compensation
In this course, students will review the basic assumptions related to employee compensation, including various compensation models for both exempt and nonexempt employees. Students will develop a compensation strategy for their organization or company and develop policies that support the compensation process.

HRMT 325 Employment Law
In this course, students will review and assess the legal aspects of human resources to include employment law, unionization, unfair labor practices, policies and procedures, ADA, FMLA, testing, performance management, employment-at-will, benefits, and compensation.

HRMT 326 Human Resources Staffing
This course examines all aspects of getting employees into organizations. Recruitment and selection are the foci. This course covers scientific and legal issues from a managerial perspective and examines the usefulness of various methods used in job analysis, testing and measurement, and internal and external market analysis to include compensation and benefits. Legislation regarding EEO and affirmative action programs will also be discussed.


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