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Why Project Management?

Emerge as a leader in this in-demand field; take projects from idea to reality and prepare to sit for your PMP certification exam.

Project Management Curriculum

PMGT 320 Projects as Strategic Initiatives
Develop learning strategies that examine ethical and practical applied management decisions related to project management and strategic initiatives presented in organizations. This includes the basic and initial phases of initiation, planning, control, execution, evaluation, and assessment of the strategic project. Concentrates on the management procedures used to make appropriate managerial decisions.

PMGT 321 Decision Making and Project Initiation
Review, analyze and demonstrate various decision making perceptions, judgments, and choices used to make appropriate project initiation decisions at the departmental and organizational levels. Examine and demonstrate the initiation processes used to implement a project while ensuring that stakeholder interests are maintained to include applied decision outcomes and validation.

PMGT 322 Project Planning and Implementation
This course outlines and demonstrates how project planning and implementation procedures are established. The course covers information gathering, integration of data, documentation of processes, and the tools used to plan and implement a project. The scope, depth, risk, work plans, and needs and contingency plans are reviewed as part of this course.

PMGT 323 Managing Project Quality and Change
Review, assess, scope, manage, and establish applied practices related to project quality assessments to include change agents, quality audits, quality control, and quality assurance. Develop a quality management plan for communicating the planning and implementation of a project within the organization and determining how change might impact project outcomes. 

PMGT 324 Project Estimation and Cost Management
Outlines and analyzes the financial and economic impact on projects to include product and system development. This course is intended to support the applied management process by summarizing the accounting, budgeting, cost estimate, financial management and project design to ensure the best potential business outcomes.

PMGT 325 Project Risk Assessment
This course examines risk factors and teaches students how to utilize risk-assessment tools to determine the highest risk level for each of the phases of a project. Key outcomes include understanding the importance of a risk assessment process and applying industry tools and decision making procedures to ensure positive business outcomes.


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