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The School of Business prepares undergraduate students for the challenges of careers in businesses and work organizations of all kinds, in all industries and economic sectors. Our graduate students receive advanced education that enhances their job performance and career prospects. The School of Business does all this within the context of a biblical worldview, showing students how Christian principles and biblical teachings relate to, augment and illuminate the many business concepts, practices, and theories that we teach.

The School of Business faculty focuses on excellent teaching first and foremost. Faculty members bring skill, experience and passion to their teaching, and they remain active in their scholarship (research, conference presentations, scholarly writing, etc.) so as to enhance what they bring to the classroom.

We welcome you to read our program descriptions, accreditation details and faculty profiles, and see for yourself the great possibilities available to you in pursuing a business degree with our School of Business.  Please contact us with any questions you have.

Undergraduate Program

The undergraduate program offers the Bachelor of Business Administration with majors in Accounting, Financial Management, Management and Marketing and emphases in Entrepreneurship, Management, Marketing and the Bachelor of Science in Economics.


Graduate Programs

The Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership degree is taught by full-time School of Business graduate faculty. The MA focuses entirely on cultivating leadership skills for professionals who need to learn how to more effectively manage people in business or government. Special attention is given to critical leadership competencies including personal growth, interpersonal skills, communication, alignment of values, organizational change, and executive decision making. The degree is available online, in evening classes, or in a hybrid format.

The Master of Business Administration offers emphases in Accounting, Finance, Leadership, Management Information Systems and General Management. The degree is available  online, in evening classes, or in a hybrid format.