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Diversity Programs

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To promote cultural diversity and to provide opportunities for Charleston Southern University students, alumni, staff and faculty to interact in sharing their cultural heritage. We endeavor to broaden the understanding, knowledge and appreciation of the diverse population of the CSU family.


Welcome to Diversity Programs at Charleston Southern University.  We believe that diverse ideas and representation add value to our campus community.  A diverse community consists of people with varied characteristics, ideas, and worldviews whose interactions both benefit and challenge each other to grow while making the community better.  Our students bring value from multiple states around the country and from a large variety of other nations.  This exposure to students from many different backgrounds with unique experiences and perspectives enriches education and personal development in our classrooms, our residence halls, and our student organizations. To support our mission, we welcome your ideas and participation in the planning of educational programming, sharing experiences and talent.  Our office is located in the Career Center, 1st Floor, Strom Thurmond Center.


How does it work? We pair upper tier students to meet and work with a freshman or sophomore student one hour a week. The discussion can be on test-taking, study skills, or any topic that provides support for academic and career goals. The Mentoring Program enables opportunities to interact and learn from each other. It builds networks with your peers and future alumni. Dont go it alone! Share your experiences, your success stories, your time management skills with your peers.

Tier One Freshmen and sophomores matched with juniors and seniors.

Tier two Juniors and seniors matched with alumni in graduate school or industry.

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  • African American Society
  • Gospel Choir
  • Greek Life