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We are pleased to assist recruiters by providing on-campus recruiting services. Centralized corporate recruiting is encouraged, with all divisions of an organization recruiting on the same day or within the same week. Every effort should be made by the recruiting organization to avoid changes in interview date(s). When changes must be made, the Career Center should be notified well in advance to avoid inconvenience for job candidates and staff. Refreshments and audio-visual equipment for information meetings are the company's responsibility; however, we will assist with local catering recommendations. Information regarding job offers and placement of Charleston Southern University students is important data we must collect. When students are hired, it is our expectation that the Career Center will receive this information.  Any students meeting with or interviewing with an organization's representative must be documented, and a copy of all information collected must be submitted to the Career Center after the recruiting visit.

To facilitate this relationship, please follow these guidelines:

  • If you are a new business partner, create a  BucCareer Network  account, you will receive future recruiting event invitations via email
  • Employers must complete the On-Campus Recruitment Request through the BucCareer Network
  • Requests should be received by the Career Center at least 5 days prior to the recruitment date; however, we recommend allowing 3 weeks notice for the Career Center to adequately advertise your event to our students and alumni.
  • A message will be sent from the Career Center confirming your visit.
  • If you must cancel your visit, please call the Career Center at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment.

For a productive recruiting visit to Charleston Southern University, please note the following:

  • Check in with The Career Center upon arrival
  • We will arrange for a table in a high traffic area; it is the recruiter's responsibility to supply all displays and materials
  • Promotional materials are to be distributed from the recruiting table only; please do not post on campus walls or classroom areas.


Post job positions on BucCareer Network for internships, part-time jobs, full-time jobs and volunteer opportunities.

  • Log on to the BucCareer Network
  • First-time users, create an account for employers
  • Select Register or Register and Post a Job
  • Post your position under Jobs, Community Service, and Internship Postings. Your posting will be processed within 2 business days


The Career Center offers structured educational internship opportunities for CSU undergraduates which integrate academic studies with learning through hands-on work experience. The internships may be full or part-time and may be paid or unpaid. This program is managed by the Assistant Dean through the Career Center. Academic credit may be granted to students successfully completing an approved experience. The internship experience requires  supervised work in an approved business or professional work setting.  The course is designed to allow the student to focus on important career topics such as organization, culture, decision-making, leadership, values and ethics in the workplace.