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The Graduate School



The MSN Nursing Leadership and Healthcare Administration emphasis is a fully online faith-based graduate nursing program that prepares nurses to serve in the  leadership and administrative roles within health care settings. The curriculum uses diverse leadership and organizational theories as a foundation, and is designed to provide the participant with advanced problem-solving skills to address issues in modern healthcare. Focus will be on new models of leadership, strategic planning, program development and management, financial management, evidence based healthcare delivery and change project design and implementation.

The curriculum prepares graduates for leadership and educator positions, emphasizing the spiritual, ethical, and moral dimensions of the art of nursing.  

Program Learning Outcomes

The Student Will:

  • Synthesize research
  • Evaluate strategies for influencing health policy
  • Analyze issues impacting diverse client populations
  • Synthesize theoretical foundations
  • Apply knowledge, concepts and strategies
  • Function effectively in the role of nurse administrator
  • Participate in decision-making within a healthcare setting